Introduction to Joyful Living
An Online Training Programme by Saghar Amozgar
Starts 5th September 2021

Adopt ten practices and enjoy a better quality life

Joyful Living provides step-by-step instructions to catalyse more energy, improve digestion, cultivate peace of mind, by evolving your habits towards life-long health and wellness.

What is your biggest personal challenge at the moment?

Are you:

Would you like to experience better sleep, upbeat and relaxed emotions, and less stress?

Would you like to know how to prepare quick and healthy meals, leading to smooth digestion and easy elimination?

Would you like to feel calmer, and have more time to enjoy the good things in life?

A Solution - Adopt daily habits to promote your mental clarity, overall ease, and to enjoy a deeper connection to life.

Knowing what we should do is not the same as knowing how to do it day-in, day-out. After many years practising Ayurvedic yoga massage and teaching yoga, I have noticed that most people need more than merely getting service - I felt the lack of continuity and support for their personal growth.

The Joyful Living Programme is online, or hopefully face-to-face in the future, and is a journey that will certainly enhance your well-being and uplift your life's quality.

I will coach you to adopt new habits, supporting a dynamic group of enthusiastic and motivated people like you to aim for higher consciousness.

Take Action today - start to change for the better!

Click here to book yourself a 20 minute complimentary chat to see if it is suitable for you.

Or call me directly on 07974 470 710, or send me an email.

Saghar's knowledge, intuition and ability to support me in building a collection of new joyful habits has been a wonderful experience. Having joined Saghar's Joyful Living course for a year, I can highly recommend her for her ability to take you on a journey to the heart of joyful living, challenges included. 'Patient', 'kind' and 'inspirational' are only a few words to describe her. Fantastic course...just make the for life!

Arabella Bond, Project Manager

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